Ohmori Accounting Services

Ohmori 株式会社

Accounting services for independent and foreign businesses


Our Mission
  • We focus on the paperwork while you focus on your business
  • 面倒な会計を弊社に託し、自社のビジネスに集中できる!
  • Our experienced staff will take care of your accounting needs
  • 私たちの経験深いスタッフは貴社の記帳業務を遂行します!

Accounting Services


What you need to do:


Client collects their receipts and enters them into a monthly Excel sheet and puts them onto paper in their own files.

自身の会社の領収書を集めて、毎月エクセルに入力する,又は領収書を紙に張付ける 銀行の通帳を写メする。

Send the Excel sheet to Ohmori Accounting Services by email.


All finished! Relax, and leave it to us!

What we will do for you:


We will create and complete the usual Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit/Loss Balances and send them to you each month.


We will create, complete and submit the required Annual Reports and Tax Returns to the Tax Office through our special Certified Public Accountant for you.


We will deal with any questions from the Tax Office regarding your financial documents.


Affiliates and
Community Links


Here at Ohmori Accounting Services, we have been serving the needs of independent and foreign business owners for many years. We have created a network which allows us to share our experience and expertise, allowing you to get in touch with other companies.


  • Kakiuchi Shouji K.K.
  • 543-0001 20-9 Shimizudani-cho Tennouji-ku Osaka Japan
  • 543-0011 大阪府大阪市天王寺区清水谷町20-9
  • Import & Export parts of wheelchair. For compete & life.
  • 一般と競争用の車椅子のパーツの輸入・輸送
  • aomori@cap.ocn.ne.jp
  • VIP International Y.K.
  • 541-0056 206-9-6 1choume Kyutarouchou Chuo-ku Osaka Japan
  • 541-0056 大阪府大阪市中央区久太郎町1丁目206-9-6
  • Export Textiles.
  • 繊維の輸送
  • kishore@green.ocn.ne.jp
  • OMS Herupust Y.K.
  • 657-0832 5-3-9 chome Kishiti-douri Nada-ku Kobe Japan
  • 657-0832 神戸市灘区岸地通5-3-9 ホワイトポルタ1F
  • Order made shoe by craftman.
  • 職人のオーダーメイド靴
  • https://www.osmherbst.com/
  • Time Club Co. Ltd.
  • JSK Building 2F 3-5-1 Minamihonmachi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan
  • 541-0054 大阪市中央区南本町1丁目3番5号JSKビル2階
  • Phone: 06-6261-4284
  • 電話: 06-6261-4284
  • Retail store on web
  • ブランド品のオンライン店
  • http://timeclub.jp/
  • BIOQTECH Building 8 Aizumi-Cho Sinjyuku Tokyo
  • 160-0005 東京都新宿区愛住町8ビルBIOQTECH
  • Our service technology is draught beer line maintenance
  • 世界基準の生ビール機会メンテナンス会社
  • http://bioqtechjapan.com/
  • http://bioqtech.com/

Contact details


Get in contact with Ohmori Accounting Services today, by email or by telephone!

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Telephone: 078-333-1771

電話: 078-333-1771